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Lili Feldman LCSW-R

LiliFor over 25 years, Lili Feldman, LCSW, psychotherapist and life coach, has empowered hundreds of individuals to make transformational breakthroughs and helped them grow into the people they were meant to be.

Growing up with two professional Ph.D psychotherapists and authors, Lili was taught to analyze dreams at the kitchen table. The inner world of dreams, symbols and emotion were nourishing food for thought and fascinating family time. At the time, she assumed every six year old did this at home.

She graduated with a Master of Social Work at 21 years old and began following in her parent’s footsteps – training at their counseling center on Long Island. It was during this time that she swore she’d never be a therapist and enrolled in pre-med classes at Columbia University. It wasn’t too long before she realized psychotherapy was her true calling, and started her own private practice.

Prior to forming LIC Counseling, she worked in private practice in New York City and Long Island, as well as therapeutic treatment centers and schools. She currently trains students as a field instructor for Hunter College of Social Work. Her love of teaching has led her to create experiential workshops covering a variety of topics including Nurturing the New Mother and Finding Your Creative Home.

Lili is the proud mother of a daughter who just graduated from high school. She spends her free time making art and trying to understand her daughter’s taste in music.

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