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Counseling and Psychotherapy

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We’re dedicated to providing a secure environment for meaningful exploration. Whether you seek the privacy of a one-on-one experience or crave a group dynamic, LIC Counseling provides a range of services designed to support your goals. Services include:

EMDR (certified by Laurel Parnell Institute): Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy is an integrative psychotherapy approach that has been extensively researched and proven effective for the treatment of trauma. The mind can heal itself through reprocessing and integrating disturbing memories. Especially useful for treating PTSD, grief, and anxiety.

Family/Couples work: utilizing “active listening,” a structured approach in which each person gets a chance to speak authentically and be heard. We help each person explore their individual needs, while thinking about the relationship as the intended client.

Child Therapy: serving children of all ages, offering play therapy and individual counseling in person, and parent coaching online and over the phone. Specialties include adoption, grief and loss, divorce, ADD/ADHD, chronic illness and disability, and other special needs.

Cognitive behavioral therapy: examining our “self-talk”, questioning our thinking, “re-programming” our brain’s software.

Creative art therapies: using visual art, music, and drama to contact and express deep feelings.

Jungian dream analysis: the psychology of dreams-interpretation and application to daily life.

Ceremony and Ritual: some clients choose to create ceremony and ritual drawn from tradition, made new for ourselves to aid in life transitions such as healing, child-birth, setting up a new home, death and grieving, seeking wisdom from ancient tales and stories from around the world. Community events to be announced.

Body/Mind/Energy: tapping, EFT, self-hypnosis, breath work, guided imagery.

Gestalt therapy: a humanistic approach to self-awareness in the here and now, empowering change.


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