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LIC’s Top Five Parenting Tips:

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Blog Post – LIC’s Top Five Parenting Tips

1) Know that this, too, shall pass. The old adage remains true. Everything is changing, life is not static. Tough times feel like they will last forever, but they do not. Good times can feel fleeting.. take time to relish them. This perspective makes rough patches easier to get through.

2) Sleep and take care of yourself!- or at least try to. Parenting is hard, important work! We often deprive ourselves of the things we need most, and these very things can make parenting less stressful!  Parents – and their children – get more sleep!

3) Child rearing has been around for at least a year or two…  Get information from other parents.  Seek out the advice of  the ones you know and even the ones you don’t.. then trust your inner voice..

4) It’s no use keeping something from your children. They’re psychic. They are extremely sensitive to your state of mind, your mood, and the overall feeling in the household. So, if your child sees you wiping tears, don’t deny you are upset, there is a way to be truthful but protective of your child at the same time.

5) Children are our teachers. Wherever the old hurts, joys, and patterns are from your own childhood, parenthood provides you with the chance to heal your past and forge your family’s new future. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime!